Retiring Soon? Why Golf is a Great Recreation Activity to Keep You Active

Ashley Boykin | July 14, 2023

Located 30 minutes from Nashville, frequently referred to as the world's music capital, Franklin, Tennessee, offers its residents a delightful mix of lowkey suburban living with easy access to upscale amenities just minutes away. The 16-block downtown area of Franklin encompasses a lovely district listed on the National Register with some sites established during the Civil War.

Franklin is known for its numerous live music events, venues, and theaters, providing plenty of engaging entertainment opportunities. For nature lovers, the scenic beauty of Franklin will entice you to head outdoors and take in the magnificent countryside. For those ready to retire and looking for homes for sale in Franklin, Tennessee, explore why golf is a great activity to keep you physically, emotionally, and socially active.

Physical benefits of playing golf during retirement

One of the benefits of retirement is the ability to have the time to do activities you enjoy and pursue interests you may have needed more time to explore fully. For many, golf falls into this category. There are numerous physical benefits to playing golf. Whether you reside in a Franklin, Tennessee, golf course home or take up the sport at your local country club, playing golf has exceptional physical benefits.

Those who choose to play a round of golf at least twice a week and walk the course instead of using a golf cart live an average of 10 years longer than those who do not. The low-stress nature of golf allows your body to exercise without overdoing it. Warming up before your golf game is a must to avoid injury, but golfing allows your body to remain flexible and limber. Swinging a golf club allows your body to stretch and strengthen. The best thing about golf is that it is a fun activity, and you get plenty of exercise without too much effort.

One of the byproducts of playing golf is the ability to exercise without a rigorous cardio or strength training workout. If you want to stay in shape but do not want to work up an intensive sweat, consider taking up golf. The sport is an excellent opportunity to build your stamina, work the muscles in your body, and improve your hearing and eyesight by performing routine tasks like swinging a golf club and making contact with the ball. Practicing hand-eye coordination is a beneficial skill, especially as we age.

As our bodies change, building and maintaining our core strength is important. Focusing on our core condition can improve our flexibility, allow us to practice our balance, lessen some chronic aches and pains, and remain strong.

Emotional and mental benefits of playing golf during retirement

As we age, our bodies and minds must remain active to maintain our quality of life; according to, older adults who make a point of implementing mental and physical activity into their routine daily report an increase in happiness. Retirees can stave off depression and anxiety by keeping busy. One way to do this is to play golf. It is a relatively easy and inexpensive sport to keep your mind occupied while offering doable challenges for your body. Soon you will see your energy levels increase and possibly even an improvement in your cardiovascular health.

Another benefit is the increase in endorphins your body makes when exercising. Even less intensive exercise like golf can help improve your mental condition. A study completed in Australia showed that women struggling with depression who partook in moderate exercise – including golf – approximately two-and-a-half hours a week saw a decrease in their depression affecting them than when the study began three years prior.

Several studies have shown that while all exercise has benefits, exercising outdoors is even better. Being in touch with nature provides a natural reduction in stress and helps restore mental weariness. Being outdoors and breathing in fresh air, whether riding in a cart or walking the course, improves your mood.

Additionally, the more you play, the more you will improve. As your game progresses, your self-confidence will increase as you more easily forget some bad shots and focus more on improving your overall game. Remaining positive brings us to another important aspect of golf – patience. Golf is not seeing how fast you can speed through nine or 18 holes. Discipline and patience are the hallmarks of golf, and improvements will not occur immediately. So, it makes players practice patience both on and off the course.

Social benefits of playing golf during retirement

While we have discussed the physical and mental benefits of playing golf, you should consider another vital aspect of golf. Golf is a social game that provides great mental stimulation when playing with others. As people age, it is easy to become more isolated. However, engaging with others while playing golf improves well-being and keeps you social and active. The nature of golf provides immediate human interaction and fun camaraderie.

Retirement offers an excellent opportunity to make new friends and encounter new people. While having fun on the golf course is stimulating, you can easily chat in the lounge and socialize with others while developing relationships. Making friends is vital to keeping your mind focused and staying healthy. Golfing allows you to practice social skills easily, supports your body, and keeps your mind sharp.

Some retirees report a need for more purpose after they retire. Transitioning to retirement is an adjustment; however, golf can help ease any boredom you may be suffering from that can ultimately lead to anxiety and depression. Getting out on the golf course and learning a new skill or brushing up on old skills will give you a sense of purpose while spending your time being productive.

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