Characteristics Of Luxury Interior Design (With Pictures)

Ashley Boykin | June 15, 2023

Among the Forest Hills' many alluring qualities is its proximity to the serene Radnor Lake State Park, which provides residents with ample opportunities for hiking, fishing, and other outdoor pursuits. In addition, the town is also home to the breathtaking Cheekwood Botanical Garden, its stunning flora offering the perfect respite from a busy week. Music lovers enjoy catching a live show at the legendary Bluebird Cafe, where renowned musicians and rising stars alike come to perform.

These are just a few reasons why Forest Hills, TN, is the perfect place to call home for those seeking a peaceful and enriching lifestyle surrounded by natural beauty. Whether you've recently found your perfect Forest Hills Nashville, TN, real estate or are planning to list your home soon, you may be wondering how to decorate it. If you want to add a touch of elegance and refinement to your home, you should consider these luxury interior design tips.

Showcase the windows with automated window treatments

Luxury interior design creates a functional, aesthetically pleasing, and highly comfortable space. One of the most important characteristics of luxury interior design is the use of automated window treatments to showcase windows and optimize the use of natural light. Windows provide a stunning view of the outdoors and offer numerous health benefits, such as the boost of Vitamin D and improved sleep patterns by balancing circadian rhythms. Still, they can also let in too much light when you are trying to sleep, which is where automated window treatments help.

Mirrors and additional light sources can brighten up each room further, creating an elegant and inviting ambiance. An essential aspect of luxury design is the integration of automated light and window treatment controls, allowing an easy and seamless transition from day to night activities and enabling a sound sleeping experience.

Nature-inspired color scheme

One hallmark of an elevated and sophisticated aesthetic is the use of a nature-inspired color scheme throughout the various rooms in the house. A nature-inspired color scheme may include soft blue-green shades or green with cool gray undertones; multiple variations of browns with several undertones of red, yellow, or blue; water blues like aqua, azure, or baby blue; and tropical fruit shades of papaya, tangerine, and blood orange. These colors can be incorporated into the living room, kitchen, home office, primary bedroom, and secondary bedrooms, creating a cohesive and luxurious feel throughout the home.

Incorporate natural elements

Adding greenery like floral arrangements and house plants can instantly make a space more luxurious. For those just starting with indoor gardening after investing in one of the homes for sale in Forest Hills, TN, some excellent beginner house plants include snake plants, golden pothos, dragon trees, peace lilies, bromeliads, and echeveria. Another way to bring nature indoors is by incorporating water features such as fountains or a small pond.

Include a focal point

One characteristic of luxury interior design is the presence of a focal point that draws the eye and becomes the room's centerpiece. A focal point could be anything from a statement piece of furniture to an intricate work of art on the wall.

Another hallmark of luxury interior design is bespoke light fixtures, such as mesmerizing chandeliers, sure to spark conversation. These light fixtures are more than just functional. They transform the entire ambiance of a room. Lastly, the perfect luxury interior is incomplete without unique and thought-provoking artwork. The artwork selected should complement the overall design and embody the essence of the homeowner.

Mix textures and patterns

Remember to use a clever mix and layering of textures and patterns. A plush rug paired with a velvet sofa, accent pillows with intricate embroidery, and dramatic drapes adorned with tassels can all contribute to a luxurious vibe. The key is to balance patterns and textures so the space has depth without leaving you overwhelmed. By layering textures and patterns, your luxury interior design will create a visual depth that makes the room feel both inviting and visually stimulating.

Impressive antiques

The use of antiques in luxury interior design adds a unique touch of history and tradition to the overall ambiance of the space. In contrast, modern amenities, such as the latest technology and appliances, provide a contemporary feel. By blending these disparate styles, you’ll create a one-of-a-kind experience that is both stylish and comfortable. Overall, the combination of impressive antiques and modern amenities forms the foundation of this captivating interior design style.

Consider hiring professional help

Luxury interior design is about creating a functional space that evokes a feeling of sophistication and opulence. Luxury interior design is characterized by premium materials, impeccable craftsmanship, and attention to detail that sets it apart from ordinary home décor. Achieving this level of design can be a daunting task. That's why it's essential to hire professional help, whether it's an interior design expert who can guide you in defining the spaces in your home and setting a style that fits your needs and interests or a stager who can help you appeal to the majority of potential buyers if you plan to sell soon. By leaning on the expertise of professionals, you'll ensure that your home reflects your personality and stands out in a sea of ordinary décor. Plus, you'll save time and avoid costly mistakes by entrusting your vision to a qualified expert. If you need a good interior designer or staging service recommendation, ask a local real estate specialist like Ashley Boykin.

When designing the interior of your Forest Hills, TN, real estate, incorporating natural elements, having focal points, mixing textures and patterns, and adding antiques and modern amenities can make your home feel luxurious. If you're looking to achieve this level of design but need help figuring out where to start, hiring a professional service may be the best way to go. Professional assistance will ensure that your home reflects your personality while avoiding aesthetic missteps. With these tips in mind, you'll soon create a beautiful luxury interior design that gives guests an unforgettable experience.

If you are still looking for the perfect home, or plan to list yours soon, contact Ashley Boykin to discuss your real estate plans today. Her drive, dedicated work ethic, extensive knowledge of the market, and commitment to client satisfaction make her the perfect guide during your home search.

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