Ashley Boykin’s Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in Forest Hills, TN

Ashley Boykin | January 31, 2023

When it comes to homes for sale in Forest Hills, Tennessee, the fantastic location itself does most of the selling for you. The area's stunning natural beauty, tight-knit community atmosphere, high quality of life, and easy access to all that Nashville has to offer make it an obvious choice for real estate seekers to call home. However, selling your specific home requires standing out from other local homes as well, and that is not so easily accomplished.

The key lies in preparation, and with a little hard work and the help of an experienced real estate agent, getting the best value out of your home sale is within reach. Of course, it is understandable if the selling process seems overwhelming at first, but by following this home-selling guide from expert agent Ashley Boykin, you can get yourself headed down the right path.

Understanding the local real estate market

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Educating yourself on the Forest Hills, TN, real estate market is a crucial first step. This includes evaluating the average price of homes in your neighborhood, the demand for houses like yours, and any trends or changes in the market. Of course, your real estate agent is an essential component of this process, as they have expert-level insight into the local market and its fluctuations and can help you predict where it may be heading.

A qualified agent will provide you with current data on home sales in your area, including information on how long homes are taking to sell and for how much. Ultimately, an agent has the experience, data, and tools that are simply not available to the average seller, and that is why they are the best source for learning what you need to know to sell your home effectively.

Preparing your home for sale

By making your property as attractive as possible to potential buyers, you can increase its perceived value and improve your chances of receiving top-dollar offers.

Declutter and depersonalize

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First, rid your home of any excess clutter, such as unnecessary furniture, miscellaneous knickknacks, or anything that could instead be put into storage. Once that is complete, start removing personal items from the space, such as family photos, sports memorabilia, and pet beds or litter boxes. The key is to create a neutral, inviting, warm space so that potential buyers can more easily envision themselves living in the home.

Make necessary repairs

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Before listing your Forest Hills home for sale, it’s also essential to address any repairs, upgrades, or renovations that should be done. This might include fixing leaky faucets, replacing old appliances, or painting chipped or outdated walls.

Of course, this is another step where your agent is an integral part of the equation. Because of their experience communicating with buyers in the current market, a knowledgeable local agent will be well-versed in which features and upgrades buyers want to see. They will help you decide which upgrades or renovations are necessary and which are unlikely to be worth the investment when it comes to their impact on the final sale price.

Stage your home

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Staging your home means organizing the furniture and decor in a way that is appealing to potential buyers. This might involve rearranging furniture to create a more open and inviting layout, adding decor pieces to make the space feel more welcoming, or using lighting to showcase key features of the home. You can also hire a professional stager to assist you, and your agent will be able to both make staging recommendations and recommend professionals to work with if you so choose.

Pricing your home correctly

This may be one of the most important and challenging steps in the entire process. If you are attempting to estimate an appropriate listing price on your own, it can feel like you are somewhere between picking a random number and making a wish. Even with your agent's help, it can still be difficult if you permit your emotions to overrule your judgment.

It’s important to change your mindset — treat the sale as a transaction rather than as an emotional decision. Most of the things that make your home special and valuable to you are tied to your own hopes and memories, not the actual value of the home. Find an agent you can trust who has the key information and tools needed to determine an accurate and competitive asking price, then trust their advice when they give you an estimate. Be open, be accepting of your agent's input, and do not let your attachment to either your home or a specific price override your judgment.

Negotiating and closing the sale

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When you receive an offer on your home, it's important to negotiate fairly and consider all the terms of the offer — not just the price. You will work with your real estate agent to devise a counteroffer or negotiate any details with the buyer. Try to have a thick skin when a buyer makes requests for changes, repairs, or concessions. This is not personal. It is a transaction.

At the same time, maintain an open dialogue with your agent about the negotiation and the buyer. Be certain your agent knows what you are thinking and your views of a buyer's terms. They are here to help you, but to do that job, they need to know what you really want. Your agent will represent you professionally at every turn, with your best interests at the forefront of their negotiations.

The most important step

There is nothing more essential to the successful sale of your Forest Hills home than having the right real estate agent by your side. Teaming up with a knowledgeable agent with experience in the Forest Hills housing market can make all the difference in helping you to secure the sale price you and your home deserve. Reach out to top-tier agent Ashley Boykin when you’re ready to aim for success.

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